I. International Online Conference
25. - 26. 2. 2021, Online, Zoom

Tancredi Marrone

PhD. Candidate, Masaryk University
Synthetic Caves and Energy Attractors
Magicians, occultists, or explorers of the aetheric worlds have frequently relied on external apparatuses to achieve their goals. Whether the legends of lore would speak in favor of inscences or ritual sacrifice, meditation or prayer, offerings or even to hire someone to do the task. The debate continued amongst the various practitioners as to what would constitute the best or most authentic system. Experimentation has always been a part of occult investigations with practitioners eager to try new systems as testified in particular amongst 20th century occultists. This occasionally grew into the development of new skillsets and systems which would allow them to contact invisible forces. Amongst these were used various forms of psychedelic drugs or technologies which would facilitate interaction. Strongly influenced by the medical and psychiatric environment of the 60’ which bordered on the inclusion of Counterculture and spirituality.
Orgone Generators and Sensory deprivation tanks were developed to on the one hand to attract sexual energy and on the other to create an environment which would facilitate meditative states. I will discuss similarities in behavior between contemporary means to alter one’s consciousness and attract energies with those precedent. This will mean organizing a temple space in order to pray or a ceremonial space to practice magic. I will analyze the ideas surrounding the concepts of energy and how these are considered to be controlled by magical practitioners.