I. International Online Conference
25. - 26. 2. 2021, Online, Zoom

Martina Semkova

Ph.D. candidate, Charles University- General anthropology
Goodbye Hollywood, is a time for interactive online movie.
During one night, we have become part of a new game. We are at the breaking point of history, and I think no-one really has a clue, what can come next and how much control we can get , but we try. Till world will be open to public, people’s attention has been deeply inside intensifying game, running online. We can compare this situation to casino, where people at different level of education or desperation try to choose the best option, color and number from masses of information sources and influencers. Internet is full of informational vortexes, where people pay after entry by their attention, views, time and not least money. When the most frequented social media has transformed into a market place, we live in the time, where many subjects tries to sell online ideas, products or better version of self. But how many choices and colors Facebook in the game really show, when somebody craves for objectivity? In the ocean of online choices , I found an interesting phenomena. Facebook can helps to grow, and to be heard a controversial and speculative ideas, some of can even try to reinterpreting our existence.

Hyperianism is an interesting combination of spiritual influence that offers a blueprint for a new age and political activism, which has a traits of cult. In the same time is probably the best business plan, I have ever seen. The Morgue is  the author of the project, system where you go through educational process can somebody transform to higher human, move you to better level of existence.  He used to be a performance artist, but now tries to catch his audience's attention via online action with a high dose of sexual attraction and anxiety towards a world full of confusion and injustice. He is also author of almost 10 books successfully selling  his educational program, constantly creating videos and new content related to Hyperianism.  Twice per week, you can even talk to him at his online streaming. Hyperians believe in a very strange philosophy coming from the author Mike Hockney describing a subject called ontological mathematic. I have become a member of their 2 active groups on Facebook and I have started research.
After a few months of posting content to the group, I have reached a solid level of collective integration and friendship with members and become a part of their "tunnel reality". My research has found a couple of indications and evidence, that we are dealing with rationalistic ideological fundamentalism. In their hyper-attitude any other interpretation of the universe is considered to be inherently wrong. 

They tend to attack any ideological opposition with their ontological theory. They try to convince people that ontological mathematic can describe everything in the universe, while is uses only “logical facts of their logical rationality”. I've searched for synergies with already known physical and material reality which has some rules and consequences, but hardly I’ve found some answers. They aim is to establish a global meritocracy where is the key step taxation of billionaires, where practicing any kind of the mainstream religion will be a crime. "Old religious ideas will be demolished and replaced by rational spirituality. This world has been ravaged by the virus of fundamentalist religion." The Hyperian Collective; Morgue. A Message from the Hyperian New World Order (p. 7). Kindle Edition.

The whole philosophy seems to be the case of “extreme idealism” inspired by Hegel's absolute idealism, but its seems to be taken an inconsistence form giving people empty promises. After reading a couple of books or viewing videos, the audience can appear in the simulation called a collective dream, or holos. After integration of collective shadow we will move to better simulation where everything will be like another planet. “The old paradigm deals with matter, the physical, experience, probabilities, contingency, contingency, and dependence on space and time. The new paradigm deals with the immaterial, the mental, pure thought, mathematics, the necessary, certainty and independence from space and time.” Ad astra! To the stars!